Footprint Project
"Wherever we go, we always leave a footprint."
The "Family Stories" Project tracked our Family Histories. This "Footprint Project" is designed to help plan our own stories.

Footprint Project Part 1--
Value = 100 points, LST-RW Assignment # 22--Q3
After viewing Dr. Montgomery's Footprints Presentation, begin your project by going to this website:
Take the journey as many times as you want, keeping a journal about what you are learning along the way.
When you have completed the game several times, follow the instructions on the attached sheet to complete Part 1 of the assignment.

Value = 100 points. LST-RW Assignment # 4-14A--Q4.
Do research on the top two jobs you identified and wrote about in Part 1 o the project. Document your research in a one-page report that includes the sources (references) you used to gather your information. Paraphrase (do not copy and paste) your responses and include your own conclusions.

Faculty Materials Link

Download these directions to learn how to earn 100 points for Part 1 of the Footprint Project.

Footprint Project 2 Value = 100 points