Substitute Instructions

There is a Substitute Binder on the desk under the American flag in Room 29. The binder is tabbed and has full instructions and current photo-seating charts for my classes.
I will attach a copy of the current general instructions for substitutes to this page. This way, should I be out of school for some reason, I can change the instructions and have them available to you via this Internet connection.
The assignments appropriate for each class (from the week's assignments) are highlighted and at the tab for the period the class is offered. The photo seating charts are the first page behind each tab.
Should you need additional details on the assignments, you can download them from
Tab 1 has my schedule, the school schedule, the general instructions, and the WIDA English Language Proficiency Can-Do Descriptors appropriate for my classes.
Tabs 2-8 are tied to the classes and periods I teach.
Tab 9 in the binder has a copy of the Class Rules and Grades presentation applicable to all classes.
Tab 10 in the binder has material about the structures for my classroom beginning in January, 2009, regarding Competency Based Classroom and Choice and Quality concepts from Dr. William Glasser.
Good luck. Please let me know how things go for you as a substitute with my classes.
Joel Montgomery, EdD

General Substitute Instructions--Durable

Attached are the current General (and Durable) Instructions for teachers substituting for me in my classes at Canton Middle School. Assignments are at the appropriate Assignment Tab on this website and at the website. (Revised 01/30/2009)

Revised Daily Schedule

This is the revised daily schedule for Dr. Montgomery's substitutes effective 02/02/2009.

Supplementary Substitute Plans for 5/27/2009 (Great America Adventure)

Supplementary Substitute Plans for 5/29/2009