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Wiki Space for Middle School Students and Teachers

Welcome to my Middle School Wiki Space. The tabs on the left guide students to a variety of activities and projects used in the 2008-2009 school year. For students in my classes during that period, most of the passwords still work over the summer.

For teachers and others interested in some of these activities, feel free to explore the tabs and use the teacher resources associated at the tabs and at the other websites connected to this web.

Current Projects

Research regarding reading--see Surveys.

Affordable online language learning programs Visit http://www.DrM-Language.com.

Classroom Library--Audiobooks, Books, Companion Books

The classroom library has a collection of almost 500 books and approximately 80 unabridged audiobooks recorded on cassettes. Many of these audiobooks have companion books in the school library. Students are encouraged to take books out of the classroom library and to share them at home with parents and brothers and sisters.


Presentation--Using Audio Books to Improve Reading and Academic Performance

The presentation covered the contents of a related research article and included time to sample several audio books, engage in a mini-literature circle sharing about the books reviewed, and explore how to involve parents, students, teachers, and libraries in projects to improve reading using audio books. For a full speaker's bio, visit the Joelmonty.net web site.

A copy of the presentation is available in Adobe Presenter format and is too large a file to include on this WikiSpace. It is available by following this link. Go to the Presentations section on that page.

For a copy of the related research article, please visit http://joelmonty.wikispaces.com/research.

Student's Web Site | Sitio para Alumnos


Middle School Project and Homework Site

You have to use your secure log-on and password to enter the site and to leave work. Your Learning Passport/Visa must be signed along with your Internet use agreements

http://drm-projects-ms.wikispaces.com (Private project workspace for middle school students and teachers)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You and your parents must complete the Passport Agreements and receive your secure logon and secure password before attempting to leave any homework or projects on the Wikispaces created for our classes. I need to have signed copies of these agreements in the classroom. I have your secure logons and secure passwords and will give you a label to put in your CMS binder so that you can remember them. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION--even names--should be shared over the Internet.

Related Web Sites

Sites for Students

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http://drm-booklists.wikispaces.com Recommended Reading
http://drm-sharing.wikispaces.com Shared space for reviewed projects
http://learning-passport-drm.wikispaces.com Dr. Montgomery’s Learning Passport

Additional sites for teachers

http://drmontgomery-ms-lrn-stds.wikispaces.com IL MS Learning Standards
http://holistic-learning-drm.wikispaces.com SEL Project Workspace
http://coollessons.wikispaces.comRich Levine’s Teacher Workspace
http://social-science-drm.wikispaces.com IL U-46 Social Science Curriculum grades 7 and 8
http://joelmonty.wikispaces.com Dr. Montgomery’s Workspace with Reference Articles
http://www.teachertube.com/login.php Teacher Tube for educational videos and to make your own.
http://www.joelmonty.net Dr. Montgomery's website.
http://drm-resources.wikispaces.com Dr. Montgomery's education website.